VPDN Multihop limitations...?

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Hey guys,

I'm hoping someone here has come across this information before....... I'm hunting down stats regarding limitations on the amount of sessions that can be Multihopped from a tunnel switch (pseudo-LAC) to a secondary tunnel server (terminating LNS).

Due to commercial reasons.... this is a possible short-term solution that has been proposed.

One could assume that the sessions limit would be in-line with the subscriber session limit on a box..

i.e - 32000 sessions... = 16000 Multihopped sessions (as 1 session counts as 2 in a multihop scenario, 1 = in and 1 = out)

However I don't want to assume this is the case..... So has anyone come across this information at all before? I've been searching all morning so far but not much luck in terms of scalability....

The device in question is a 10000 Series ESR with dual PRE-3s running 12.2(31)SB15 code and ISG is enabled.

We've been bitten too many times by the 10K's..... so better to be safe than sorry if we do end up going down this path.

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