Security specialization missing on transcript

I checked my transcript this morning, and my security specialization has disapeared! It says that the most recent activity was Feb 13th 2010 -- but I haven't done anything since I finished in October... I still have my MCSE and MCSA but no security icon_sad.gif

Anybody else notice this?


Seems there is something goofy with my comptia tests... they added them again to my transcript on the 13th. and now they are listed twice
5031 CompTIA A+ Feb 13, 2010
3902 CompTIA Security+ Feb 13, 2010
4990 CompTIA Network+ Feb 13, 2010
3779 CompTIA A+ and CompTIA Network+ Sep 23, 2008
3901 Comptia A+ and Comptia Security+ Sep 23, 2008


  • wedge1988wedge1988 Member Posts: 434 ■■■□□□□□□□
    eh mine is also goofed up. Its showing all exams ive taken, but the comptia ones have been added again... which id imagine is to do with the fact they changed their policies for A+ and N+ certification renewal twice in a month.

    Weird thing is, the A+ doesnt show up on my PDF download of the transcript.

    Hope they fix this.
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