1760 question on DRAM?

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Hey guys I have some questions:

I have 5 1760s and well I have not opened them up yet but
the ram in them flash to ram is 32F/64Dram

Is there only one DIMM slott for DRAM
and 1 SIMM slot for the added flash?

so if I have 64MB and want to upgrade is there even a 128MB DRAM
on ebay I cant find squat over 64MB and was hoping there were 2 DIMM slots but in the cisco pdf guid I only see one is that true?

OMG: I digress, I found 128MB DRAM modules for my 1760 for 12.50 each wow
I just order 5 of them..I do have a dumb question.

so when I get my 128mb dram modules I can say have a bin file say 28 MB in size
that decompressed say to under 100mbs and I can run the IOS on my routers right?
I know most of the cisco images decompress from their initial sizes is this correct?

oh if it sounds like I am rambling and dont have a clue. Yes you are right. I am just piecing things together and need and expert opinion and maybe some confirmation as to me going in the right directions. thanks guys!



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    When you get the 128Mb modules and INSTALL them, you'll be cooking with gas.

    I've got one 1760 (running CME no less) with just 96/32 -- it's a tight fit, but it works fine. With the 128 added you're golden and should be able to run anything you can fit into the flash (which includes everything up to the latest Advanced Enterprise 12.4 or whichever 12.4T features sets are available).

    Remember that CME runs with it's "matching" IOS versions, so you save some room for the CME files by running the supported IOS feature set/version to support CME and leave the advanced enterprise routing to another router. It is easier if you have the 48Meg Flash -- then you can just load all the CME files rather than picking and choosing..... but you do learn a lot that way (which is why I haven't upgraded that one CME router).
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    awesome info thank you very much..reallly that helps me out a lot.

    this is my dilemma I think I read on ebay site that 1760s older than nov 2003 dont support the 128 dimm module but here is my stats:

    I have:
    1760_1 sent date I was told by cisco July 2003
    1760_2 sent date Dec 2003
    1760_3 sent date feb 2004
    1760_4 sent date mar 2004
    1760_5 sent date dec 2003

    I am hoping sent date is manufacture date are the same
    and these nov 2003 and beyond are 128 DRAM dimm capatable
    is that right I shuld be good on 4 of them but on the july 2003 I have
    deal with the 64 MB DRAM limit?
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