Education and Certification Path

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Education and Certification Path

November 2004:
Education – A.S. Computer Science
Certification – CompTIA Security+
Overall – MCP, A+, Network+, Security+

This is my 3 month plan. Anyway, I posted this because I want your advice on what I should take on next certification-wise. I want to specialize in security and eventially work up to a CISSP and CCIE. I am also thinking about getting my MCSE along the way. Education-wise, I'll be starting to work (in May) on my BSIT and eventually hoping to get a Master's in something like Information Assurance.


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    I would say get experience. That's an impressive list certifications, but do you have any real world hands on? If not, a lot of employers won't even bother. I would say maybe hold off on CCNA until you get a job in the field, unless you already are. Education is important, but experience counts more.
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    I'm not including job experience because it tends to be very sporadic and obviously I don't know the future.

    I do have ample experience, but I'm currently only able to get basic computer tech jobs. I want to progress and to do that I need either certs or degrees. As you can see I'm working on both.

    So anyway, what would you suggest I do cert-wise?
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    Get your MCSA. Then try for Sec+. That will give you a recognized cert in MCSA. Sec+ can be used for MCSE elective, and for specialization. Again, I hate to say, but a job is more important than piling up on certs. Also, remember, a degree does not expire, so that's a good choice to include one.
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