Network/A+ vs. 070-270 vs. 070-290/1

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So basically within the past 2 months I passed the A+ and Network+ exams. I'm now starting a 15 week MCSE course and the first test we're doing is the 070-270.

So I figured the 270 would be harder then both the Net+ and A+ exams, but my question is how much harder should I expect it to be?

And by comparison are the 290 and 291 any easier or harder to grasp then the 270?


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    read first 20 pages of A+ for dummies and passed that test. i dont think i can do that on the 70-270.

    Network+ was slightly more difficult than A+ I would say, though I didnt think A+ was difficult at all, considering I didnt study for it, and I was in a totally different career field (not IT). I see the Net+ as a network general knowledge exam.

    ps, remember these are entry level exams (not the MCSE). These days, its not rare for highschool or early college students that know how to use VMs and do their own labs, configure basic servers, download and run scripts, run wireshark to see ports/protocols in action, play around and figure this stuff out on their own.... many labs can be youtubed, etc.
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    Well I've taken the 270 exam and I must say that its a combination of both the A+ and Network + exam. Yes it is more difficult as you will need to have a direct concentrated understanding of the client operating system and not a general overview. All of the exams are passable however, just study hard and practice. Remember don't give in to temptation....
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    I have A+ and the MCP.

    I probably spent longer on the A+ but the MCP was harder IMO. I think when you get into your stride with studies you find it easier and I did them consequtively.

    Frankly I think that some of the stuff on the A+ was somewhat unecessary to know... I suppose it's a good read for anyone wanting to build PCs and set them up. The MCP doesn't really cover hardware.

    The A+ is worthwhile depending on who you are. Employers haven't heard of it and or don't respect it I think. On the other hand it makes a good bridge from novice user to the beginer admin. It turned out to be worth it for me if for no other reason than saving me money by letting me build my own gear.
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    bubble2005 wrote: »
    Well I've taken the 270 exam and I must say that its a combination of both the A+ and Network + exam.

    It is? Explain.
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    Ranking them in terms of easiest to hardest I'd say 290, 270, 291, Network+

    My advice continues to be "take 290 and 291 before 270". Any time I see someone mention that they failed 270, the fact that they went in thinking it was "just an XP exam" seems to be very common. Some of the stuff you learn in 290/291 will apply in 270 and will get you out of that "oh I know XP" mentality.

    It's been 10 years since I got my A+, so I have no idea how hard it is in comparison to modern cert exams.
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