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Next school semister i'm going to enroll in the cisco academy it's a paced class meaning that i'll complete the semisters 1 and 2 of the academy during one school semister. With this being said I've noticed they've broke the CCNA cert into two tests. After I complete 2 cisco semisters will that cover the objects of 640-821 INTRO or do I need to complete all 4 semister to be ready for the test? Also is there lenth a time you have between the INTRO and the ICND to become certified?


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    The CCNA can be taken in two parts, two different tests. You should be ready for the Intro test after your first two semesters, and then the ICND after your 3rd and 4th Semesters if you prefer to do it this way.

    I am an expired CCNA getting ready to re-certify. I would recommend to just study hard all the way through all four semesters and take the full blown version of the test. However, it is how YOU feel most comfortable.

    Good luck!
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    Reason i want to do the 2 is because i'll take the 1st to cisco semister then there will be a gap because of summer. They only offer the classes during the school semister so I think it'd be easier to take it with it all being fresh in my mind.
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    INTRO doesn't track exactly to the first two semesters. I think most folks could probably pass INTRO after the first semester and the first couple weeks of second semester. Second semester includes Access Lists, which aren't on INTRO, but feature quite heavily into ICND.... so whichever way you go, you're going to have to do some review and studying.
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