Cert blawzter and A+

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hello guys!
Been a while.
I've been broke as ...a broke person.

I halted my studies in CCNA, well not halted, I just cant afford the exam.

But found monetary help for the A+ exam and I will be taking it this next friday.

I've been using some flash/audio/video/reading training they have provided me and cbt nuggets.
Finally they gave me some test exams made by cert blawzt*er (obviously thats not the exact name, just dont know if I can write it here so...)

I scored 85%+ in all the practice exams.

People who know this practice exam engine, you would say I'm ready for the test?

PS. Thanks for your help and time.


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    ***********.com -- talk about a blast from the past icon_lol.gif

    DTI made a BAD choice picking up that domain name that had been used by an infamous ****/**** provider and using that name for their "Learning System."

    Just like Boson provides the test engine (and probably questions) for the Cisco Press books, I think DTI's *********** test engine is also used by some (or at least one) of the 3rd party books for some of the CompTIA exams. While I can't speak for the quality of the questions, the fact that it's used with practice tests in books means it's probably usable (and/or was cheap to get the right to use for the books :D).

    On the other hand, I'd have to wonder how smart the people are that work at/for a training company that decided this was a good domain name and product name. But I guess they probably did get an initial "business boost" from the not-so-bright former clients of the previous owners of that name. icon_lol.gif

    Edit: If you're dealing with DTI, then the material is probably legitimate.

    If it's another company, then they could be using the "product" from the former name owner -- which is BAD.
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  • kurosaki00kurosaki00 Member Posts: 973
    whoa thats scary then :O o_O
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