How difficult is 70-646 ?

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How tough is the 70-646 exam for a newbie ? I have limited experience with Server 2003.

I plan to read the book, take notes, and take practice exams.

How long should it take one on average to give the exam ?

Further, how would you rate the difficulty of the exam on a scale from 1-10 ?


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    alokin123alokin123 Member Posts: 268
    The exam isnt too difficult but you need to know your stuff well to pass.
    Considering you have only limited experience with Windows 2003, you might want to get some good hands on experience with Windows 2008 before you consider this exam. Maybe even look into doing 70-642 or 70-640 first. Besides doing 70-646 doesn't actually get you any cert. You would need to do the 70-642 and 70-640 for 70-646 to count towards anything.
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