Good books for A+ (2009 version)

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Hi everyone. I am a currently employed as a computer repair tech and have had days where I have hours of downtime. I've been reading the forums for a little while now and have decided it's probably in my best interest to get the 2009 A+ cert (or attempt to at least). I was wondering if anyone had specific books/guides (possible e-books?) that helped them through this exam?


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    Well to be honest the 2006 worked preety good for me in getting the 2009 A+ , but the Sybex 2009 book was good, I think they have good end of chapter summaries and ( sybex are the lighthouse white books in the cover ) they are not that expensive and have good sample questions,

    also I would strongly suggest audio, i really have read too many people suggest this but this is probably the way i have learned the most, put a bunch of A+ podcasts or videos or audio cd into your Ipod and skip listening to music while going to work and work out a rythim of listening to all the topics, it helps you get mentally organized, its helping me with the Network + a lot and it helped me with the A+ only thing is most audio is paid material, but there are podcasts ect.
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    I like Mike Meyers A+ Cert book, he keeps you going reading and keeps you interested. I Also have his Network+ book which is next for me as well.
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