Salary for helpdesk/desktop support tier 2

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On avg how much can one expect to make working as a contractor servicing the government located in D.C? I looked it up on and it avg around $50k. If the candidate poses the qualification below

-1 year of work related experience
-a+, mcp, network+, security+
-secret clearance
-I.T degree

Would anything less be underpaid? Would let say $46k + dental + medical + 401k matching.


  • Hyper-MeHyper-Me Banned Posts: 2,059
    50k for helpdesk?

    I live in the wrong effing city!
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    Hyper-Me wrote: »
    50k for helpdesk?

    I live in the wrong effing city!

    We are drastically underpaid here! icon_surprised.gif
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    $50k/yr for a Helpdesk for any branch of government doesn't seem unreasonable at all. As an example, here is the minimum salary for the City of Des Moines User Support Technician: Human Resources
    MCTS: Windows Vista, Configuration
    MCTS: Windows WS08 Active Directory, Configuration
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    forkvoid wrote: »
    We are drastically underpaid here! icon_surprised.gif

    According to the bankrate cost of living calculator...someone in DC making 50k would be expected to make 24k here. icon_lol.gif
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    I dont actually see the kind of work you would be doing. But our tier 2 back at the back made about $38k-$42k in cali
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    Depends on your clearance level. I wouldn't take any less than 60K since its tier 2. Also as soon as you start working start getting certs and look for that sys admin position. Then keep that for a year and move to System Engineer. You have to move around here to make your money. Get your clearance as high as your willing to go. Most people stop at TS/SCI with CI poly. That will allow you to work just about anywhere.
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