Microsoft NLB Server 2k3

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Hi all,

Looking for information from any of your experiences.

We have:

16 x BL460c HP servers in a c class chassis
Each server has two nics setup in failover config - using HP NIC software utility
Each server is running Server 2k3 Enterprise 64bit
NLB is setup on each server

We can create the initial cluster and the "cluster initiator" to the cluster. As soon as you try to add a second server to the cluster you get an error saying "cannot find nlb on server". If you try to add the server to the cluster from the server being added this fails also.

The servers can ping both the physical and viortual addresses of the cluster.

Been reading various articles and some suggest you cant run NLB where you have NICs setup in failover mode?

Another suggests you should use one NIC for the cluster and the second for communication between the servers....

Any ideas?


  • ClaymooreClaymoore Member Posts: 1,637
    Are you creating the NLB in Unicast or Multicast mode?

    If you are using Unicast, you will have to have another NIC and IP address for host communication. The primary NIC will be used for communication for the cluster. You can use one NIC for Multicast mode, but you will need to check your switch config for proper multicast support.
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    Hi Claymoore, setting up the cluster in multicast mode.

    Using Cisco 3020 switches going into 3750 core switches. Couple more articles mention you may have to play between multicast and multicast igmp to find the one which works with your network kit.
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