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burbankmarcburbankmarc winoMember Posts: 460
Hey all, I'm trying to copy a file to a failover ASA and I think the easiest way to do it will be through scp.

For some reason I cannot get the ASA to use scp. I ssh into the ASA all the time, so I know it supports SSL.
asa1-suff-va(config)# ssh scopy enable  
asa1-suff-va(config)# copy ?

exec mode commands/options:
  /noconfirm      Do not prompt for confirmation
  /pcap           Raw packet capture ****
  capture:        Copyout capture buffer
  disk0:          Copy from disk0: file system
  disk1:          Copy from disk1: file system
  flash:          Copy from flash: file system
  ftp:            Copy from ftp: file system
  http:           Copy from http: file system
  https:          Copy from https: file system
  running-config  Copy from current system configuration
  smb:            Copy from smb: file system
  startup-config  Copy from startup configuration
  system:         Copy from system: file system
  tftp:           Copy from tftp: file system

I feel like I'm missing something, any ideas?
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