How Hard is this exam?

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Just a quick question about the 70-291, how hard is this exam, I found the 70-290 very easy compared to the amount of time I put in. But I've just started to pull my finger out again to get this one done.

My main questions are on event logs, and DHCP logs etc, do they expect you to know the error codes say for IPEC failed SA's and DHCP entires in the log file?

Also how indepth a knowledge should you have using netsh for IPSEC, should you know what you can do in static and dynamic, or just the generalization of the tool. I guess I mean will the question expect you to know down to a t the command like... netsh ipsec static gpoassigned or something like that. Ones I remeber from the 290 on command line stuff just ask what you could use for the task given.

Should I expect any questions on IIS and how indepth do they want your knowledge of implenting principle of least priv, all the way down to every User Rights Assign and Security options policies?

Only ares I am worried about are Implementing, Managing and Maintaing Network Security bar WSUS and Mainting a Network Infrastructure, rest seem easy enough. Any info would be great.

Thanks for your time
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    Definitely need to know WSUS. Install it and make it work if you can.
    This exam is a lot easier than it used to be. Qu's are short and to the point. Just make sure you know the topics and you should be fine.
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    Thanks for that, put my mind a little bit more at rest, just going over all the topics again for my exam. So hopefully should be a happy bunny by the end of it.
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    It's harder than 290, but I think it's reputation as the beast is overplayed.
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