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One thing I have to admit to is very little scripting know how. Really because I have just never had reason to use it. No one where I work ever uses it with in the hardware/server side of IT. Although we do have a lot of in house developers for datebase and web services.

So if I was going to learn a scripting language, what one would people suggest I start with? and why this over the others. And what do you use them for? Ok I know what a script does.. but what tasks do you people put them to use daily?

Long ago I did some C++, batch files I was good enough at, and have a basic (mean basic) grasp of VB.

I just see,

power shell,
and many others and I want to learn one. But I like to learn things on the job, so i'm trying to think of a situation on my network where scripting would be useful, and then learn some scripting as I work out how to apply to it.

I mention it here because I want to learn this alongside my CCNP.
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