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I am in a course, and later down the line we will be learning Windows Server 2008. So the schoolhouse is getting rid of old stuff and I was able to recieve a WS 2003 book and eval disc.

Now, I know that the course here is not designed for certification prep, so I will not try to purchase a copy of WS08. However having this eval gives me the opportunity to learn some things, and possibly earn a certification.

I know that MCSA is on the way out, even though MS claims it won't retire (I don't know why they say that), and I guess I could at least look at starting it. Two main questions,

Is this worthwhile?

and two, because I am probably going to look at it anyway, How do I use this? A server OS is not useful without hosts, I don't know what I can learn with just the Server OS, should I go find a eval of XP PRO and make VM's to act as clients? Where could I find a good guide on doing so and what not?

Your quick replies here will be greatly appreciated.


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    One method, if you can afford it, is to buy a Microsoft Technet subscription. You then have access to all the operating systems you want, as well as other applications. It costs about $350 for the first year and about $250 renewal in subsequent years, but discount codes can be found sometimes.
    MCSA is not too difficult to achieve in a fairly short time and would look good on your resume. Then if you have time, do the entire MCSE for W2003, else concentrate on W2008 instead. If time is important, perhaps do the MCP for W2003 (one exam I think) and the Windows 7 client exam, then look at the W2008 side.
    If you have a good host machine, you can build a virtual environment of servers and clients. I have used Microsoft's Virtual PC because it's quick and easy to learn and set up and does the job. Now I use Sun's VirtualBox. It's easy too, but a few more features.
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    http://www.dreamspark.com from Microsoft provides full versions for college students. Another web site from Microsoft, Microsoft Office Discount for US Students -The Ultimate Steal- Office 2007 Software for $59.95, provides Windows 7, and Office 2007 at a reasonable price.
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