Taking the A+ soon, advice?

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Hi, I'm in my first year in college, however since I don't live too far from my the High School that I graduated from I am able to go and speak to my previous Computer Maintenance teacher.

I've studied for the 601 & 602 test and feel that I'm completely ready. (planning on scheduling this upcoming week) But with the new 701 & 702 tests, it leaves me in a confusion.

I've read that the 2006 Ed. will be discontinued this 28th of Feb. However, when I asked my teacher, he said I will be taking the Educational edition, hence the educational voucher I have. So I will be taking the JK0-601 & JK0-602, since they will remain in the market for the next few months.

So which one should I take? I mean, is there a difference in what employers see when they see the 701/702 certification? Is there no difference?

I understand that the 701/702 is updated with new objectives, and IF I have to take that one then I have no problem to study for those.



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    That is the same question that I have. If you find out any infomation on the difference between the old version 601-602 and new version 701-702 please let me know.

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    In short, if you're ready to test on 601 and 602, do it before the opportunity passes.

    Most employers and hiring managers don't really care what version you have. If you're A+ certified, you're expected to have basic knowledge that can be explored in an interview.

    An older certification with current knowlege and good interviewing skills can often get you the job. On the other hand, the most current certification without any in-depth knowledge and poor interviewing skills will likely you get you an opportunity to interview somewhere else.

    Interesting that the education version (JK0) has a different expiration timeframe.


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    If you're ready for the test, I'd say take the test now.
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