Is serial wic 1t same as t1 csu/dsu

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I was wondering are these the same in regards to type of connection.
I know one is like or could be eithernet cabling but the other is like DTE/DCE serial cabling. just wondered if these are equivalent since they are both serial connections? Like if I had 2 routers and one had a t1 csu/dsu connection to a frame cloud and another router had say a wic 1t serial connection dte/dce type to the frame cloud would they be considered the same type of connection?icon_study.gif



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    They're both serial interfaces if thats what you're asking.

    The WIC-1T would be connected to an external CSU/DSU if you want to use it with a T1. The WIC-1DSU has the CSU/DSU integrated.

    The WIC-1T uses a DB60 connector with the Cisco 5 in 1 interface on it. It isn't a type called "DTE/DCE serial cabling". One end will be a DB60 plug and the other end can be a bunch of different types like V.35, RS232 or another DB60 plug for back to back. The WIC-2T uses a smaller SmartSerial plug which actually changes the usage of the pins depending on what type you're using.
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    yeah I kind of figured it was called something more than dte/dce i know that is a connection type between say pc to pc or router to router or router to switch...i was being lazy but I always welcome your detailed explaination great....that is cool yeah there are so many connection types that just end up being serial weird...thank you very much for explaining it to me..icon_thumright.gif
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