Clients Not Rejoining WSUS - Solution

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Hello All,

Although this is probably a more 70-291 issue; I finally got the computers in my organization to re-seen by WSUS after being deleted from WSUS.

I was having a hard time with this for over a month and it basically came down to a registry problem on the clients not the WSUS server (I long ago eliminated any group policy errors).

So for those who use WSUS and clients do not see the WSUS server, try this:

At a command prompt: NET STOP WUAUSERV


Delete the values SusClientID and SusClientidValidation




Wait a few moments and the computer will be back in Unassigned Computers in no time.

There was no single solution; but Microsoft's information came closest.

Now I can sleep!

PS This solution also seems to work on computers that do not want to be seen by WSUS in the first place; however, I only had one computer who was like that, but the solution did work.




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    Yeah, you see this if you make ghost images of systems that have already connected to WSUS and you don't delete those reg keys before you image the system.
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    My advice: build a fresh WSUS server and push the settings out via GP. Once WSUS gets messed up like this, something happens with the certificates and its never quite the same.

    Then again, you guys probably have a more intelligent solution to just saying it's what i always ended up doing.
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    This usually happens in a non-domain environment where the computers SID is being used to generate the WSUS ID, and when you dont sysprep the ID stays the same on every machine, so only 1 machine will show up with said SID, the rest arent there.

    Although the SID thing is said to be a non-issue now, this is one scenario where I promise its an issue.
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