Scheduling the tests for next month

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Well I am finally going to dive in and take it. I have been studying Meyers book and its really good on brushing up on some of the material that I have forgotten or never payed attention to in detail.

I am also taking a class at college that is geared to the A+ (they use Cisco Academy) and its nice that when I read somethign in Meyers book I remember looking at it exactly a week earlier in class.

Anyways, I am trying to devote a couple of hours at least a day to studying and practice questions, so I think a month should be pretty good. If you schedule, are you able to re-schedule to maybe move the exams closer?

If I decide after taking the practice exams and scoring around 90% that I am ready, it would be nice to take it sooner while the material is still relevantly fresh in my head.

Either way, after that I am going to start working on the Network+. From browsing through it looks like it is touching base with my Cisco class I am taking at college as well, so it should even help add info or at least give me a better base of knowledge on the OSI model and subnetting (which I rather hear from Meyers then a professor who covers it in 1 hour icon_lol.gif).

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    Yes, you can reschedule exams.

    There's a lot to be said for scheduling the exam. It gives you a firm target date. Without the exam scheduled, many people have a soft goal that can come and go without much notice. Before they know it, it's almost too late to take the exam because the new exam is out and the current exam is expiring.

    You seem to be on the other side of the fence. You may want to reschedule it earlier rather than later. Both can be done.


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    Awesome, thanks for the info!

    I have been sitting on it for to many years saying oh I will take it one day, well the opportunity is here and I plan to make full use of it. I just bought the vouchers, just waiting back from the testing company for my account to be created so I can schedule.



    Alright, I am scheduled for March 29th. Its a Monday which is good, have the weekend to continue practice exams and brush up on weak areas. First test is in the morning, second afternoon. Best I could get, but I guess will help to do more practice for the second part!
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