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... so it's been a few months since I've last had an interview. I admit I slowed down my job search to concentrate more on picking up a few certs, and obtained N+ and MCP (WinXP) late this summer.

In the usual course of my day at work I remote to my desktop to check my email as I sometimes get important stuff, perhaps contract offers that I wouldnt normally see until well after business hours. Today I got an innocent email asking if I was still interested in a position that I had interviewed for back in June. WHOA. This is with the school board, where the usual format is to post the opening publicly for two weeks before filling. I had made it to the 2nd interview but didnt make the cut 5 months ago.

Well, on Wednesday I go for a third "interview". Either I am the best of those who didnt make it, or at least, one of the best. The phone conversation was interesting... asking if I was still interested, and then saying the principal wanted to meet with me and that there were some things missing from my application they wanted to ask about.

The optimist in me says two things-- 1) They couldve initiated a new search but chose not to and 2) even with "holes" I was still asked back. I don't know exactly what they mean by holes... there are gaps in my employment history because I admittedly didnt work for the better part of 4 years.

Anyhow this whole episode caught me totally off guard. Stay tuned. :)
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    interesting, goodluck... i should be filling out my paperwork for a fulltime position with a company i have been currently working with partime doing network admin stuff and field service. so it will be nice to be a fulltime employee again... i've been working on several contract jobs and such over the past couple years.
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    Excellent! I hope it goes well for you!
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