What is needed to pass ICND1/CCENT?

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Hey Guys (and Gals!),

Im working towards the CCNA but doing it via the two exam option.

I've got the offcial books (Wendell Odem) but I'm wondering what I actually need to know for the exam, and what else I may need.

I'm on chapter 9 of the ICND book which goes into configuration, but I would have thought it would tell me to practise the commands and things. Do I actually need to know them? Whats the best way of doing this? I've got my CCDA already (so have done this a bit backwards!) but that required no config.

I've already got GNS3 working on my laptop, but have no labs to work from if indeed I am meant to be learning commands!!

Please can you shed light on the matter!!

Many thanks in advance!


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    Yeh, you will need to know basic configuration's and command line for the exam, the exam will contain simulation's asking you to set certain thing's up and configure, or know what's going on based on the output of the running config and various show command's.

    You will definitely need to practise thing's, try setting up a lab in packet tracer (cisco's simulation program) before you start using GNS3, it is missing some command's but most of the ICND1 will be covered.

    you can find exam objectives here:

    640-822 ICND1 - IT Certification and Career Paths - Cisco Systems
    ICND1 - Passed 25/01/10
    ICND2 - Passed 9/03/10

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    ICND1 / CCENT is all about mastering subnetting and basic switch and router configs. Things like setting up RIP networks. Also you need to know the flow of packets / frames...the layer 3 address stays the same but the layer 2 address changes at each router...

    For labs i used the labs from Todd Lammles CCENT/CCNA books...plenty in there...also i followed along with Jeremy in the CBT nuggets videos...that was really helpful...also Chris Bryant has a heap of labs in his CCENT/CCNA study guide...

    that should be more then enough to keep you busy for a while
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    You will need to know subnetting. Practice those commands and understand how and what to do with those commands. I would recommend practice practice and practice and subnetting. I would also suggest doing more then just reading and watch cbt nuggets or something.
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