TSHOOT Official certification guide...

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is so easy to love!!!!

I've read two random chapters and I simply loved it. I think this new CCNP curriculum is simply great. The TSHOOT really does a great job at consolidating your ROUTE and SWITCH knowledge.

I already have the material for both BSCI and BCMSN and that is why my path to the CCNP is going to be bsci, bcmsn, tshoot, but after readng some of the Tshoot guide im tempted to take the new switch exam. The ROUTE exam is not an option because I have been studying for BSCI soooo many hours that I simply wont start over with another substitute training. Besides,i am almost ready (im probably ready but i tend to overprepare, 250usd was a lot for me to fail).

Apparently security is big on this new TSHOOT exam. The CCNP has not been washed down at all IMHO. It's been a little consolidated and in many ways upgraded.
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    I bought one for my kindle. Now I have looked at the other ones. They are much easier to read, and it seems like they will produce better CCNP than before. I think all the fuss can be put to bed.
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