Access router 2511 issues help

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hey guys
i am so frustrated.

My access router seems to be fickle but maybe I am doing something wrong.

my switches keep rejecting my reverse telnet but the other devices do not.

ip host s2950_3 2004
ip host s2950_2 2003
ip host s2950_1 2002
ip host S3550 2001

ip host R1 2005
ip host R2 2006
ip host R3 2007
ip host R4 2008
ip host R5 2009
ip host AP1200 2010
ip host ASA5505 2011
ip host R831 2012
ip host FRC 2013
ip host R2610 2014
ip host R2610XM 2016

interface Loopback0
ip address

the switches 2001 to 2004 do not even work
they use too? and then stopped is it because of the dram size on my 2511 it is only 8mb? is that why??? I try to urn 16 async reverse telnet with my 2511 and is 8mb dram not enough? if I got a 16/16 would that work better? I am at a loss I have try eveything I think i know
but I cannot get the switches to accpet reverse telnet? is there a setting
on the switches line con 0 I need to set? I have no clue
and am going to blow a rod!
help guys

all the other devices work fine


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    CCNA Practical Studies: Gaining Access to Routers and Switches > Configuring the Terminal Server

    solved my own issues. my god I have to clear the freaking line

    TLC command batch file here I come

    holy crap had to clearn the line like 6 times for it to work even a reboot doesnt fix it okay here is the fix

    clear line #
    and do it like 5-10 times fast and bam line is cleared who the heck knows why that is I am going to make myself some kind of batch to do it for me
    wow how disappointing it doesnt do it automaticallly ;(

    but nonetheless google and cisco press are my friend ;)
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    Glad you got it robert :)

    Forgive me if I missed it, which exam are you studying for now? My second 2511 is on it's way finally, since the other one took a ****..can't wait for it to get here so I don't have to keep moving that damn console cable around icon_mad.gif
  • itdaddyitdaddy Senior Member Member Posts: 2,089 ■■■■□□□□□□
    haahahhaaahah you
    make me laugh..I know I hate that...

    well I might get a new one soon as well. I love them and this new thing I got going on with having the tabbed session I love it well..

    thanks...yeah I used google...I was getting so mad.
    but once I clear line # like 4 x it worked

    I have 16 devices and I am using them all..

    Actually my plan is kind of nutz but I am studying these
    ccnp right now..I have

    3550 with EMI
    2950 x 3
    5 x 1760 maxed dram

    I plan on the routers running 12.4T I hope
    and I have various other routers and an ASA 5505 that I use as a home firewall that I set myself the basics wasnt too hard
    and I run an exchange 2003 server and web server behind my ASA.

    AP1200 wifi
    Soho 831
    2610xm for ccvp stuff later

    hopeing to run 12.4 on all of them

    I have t1 csu/dsu cards in my 1760s

    and bought serial wic1t cards for my frame cloud connection

    I have a 2520 used as a frame cloud so I am going to run my 1760s
    thru my frame cloud..trying to get different setups So i can practice
    different typeso of networks. I can do ethernet, t1 csu/dsu serial wan
    and frame cloud topologies..that should be goood

    I have my 4 switches core being the 3550 and I made my own cross over cables as trunks and will use in my etherchannel practice I am finally almost done. just have to upgrade my 1760s with a 12.4T ios because I just add DRAM to all 5 of them yeah!

    Now I am ready and have my access router setup and now since I finally figured out the clear line # thing to get access if I have issues I am set to just
    1. turn on POD
    2. turn on PC
    3. click open saved telnet Tabs
    4. log on to each device
    5. start configuring and playing with topolgies!

    I have 2 PCs I run with 2 22inch monitors
    on one I use to telnet and configur devices and on the other i use to watch CBTS or look at toplogies to configure .

    I just got my new 22inch HP 2009m monitor love the clear colors glossy look but it really helps my crappy eyes..but having 2 monitors is the only way to role!

    so there you have it you asked haahaha ;)

    going to bed nite dudes icon_cheers.gif
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    What a setup! I thought mine was nice! Sounds like you got quite the lab :)
  • itdaddyitdaddy Senior Member Member Posts: 2,089 ■■■■□□□□□□
    yeah it has taken like 1 year of hunting for good deals. i got my 1760s for 40.00 bucks each which I thought was a steal and jumped on them
    everything works just have to update the IOSs..
    and fix my topologies. I am trying to run redundant lines and differrent speeds so I can see the routing protocols do their thing.

    i was using GNS3 but I got tired of the dealing with IDL PC values. plus my
    real equipment minus my small access router issues dont flake out.
    like when i was running Boson sims tooo many flaky crap. you know like
    "I swore I typed the command right" come to find out I did but the BOSON sims are flaky.. i use some sims like packetracer for some stuff but
    my home lab running atleaset 8-9 routers should be plenty..
    yeah been a long year finding all this stuff at deal prices but my 3550 crap had to fork over 300.00 free shipping to get that bad boy but would like 2 but like my dad use to say wish in one and and ??? in the other which one fills up faster ahahah

    yeah finally ready to hammer out my certs. I am finishing up college.
    I grad this Dec 2010 finally with my BS degree in computer science
    and take all my time up doing and stuff and a final class in SQl programming which I am excited about then all the rest are text book classes which are way easier than programming classes ! yeah
    and then after my BS is done.

    it is strictly Cisco all the way no more college for me for a few years
    strictly cisco all the way...

    so how is your CCIE study doing anything you want me to keep an eye out for you for your lab..i can do that i look all the time on ebay
    and if there is a device you are looking to get let me know and I can
    keep an eye out fo ryou let me know i look at ebay weekly and that is how it is done because deals just popup so let me knwo if you are looking for anything for your CCIE lab okay ?
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    itdaddy wrote: »
    so how is your CCIE study doing anything you want me to keep an eye out for you for your lab.

    If you find a 3560 for $300 or less, nab it, and I will have the money to you on Paypal..OH, but it has to have at least 24 ports though! Haha. We'll see. I think my lab is good to go for now. The wife was nice enough to let me get everything I got, I think the only improvement I plan on doing eventually is hopefully a 3560 (at least one).

    I also got tired of the frustrations with dynamips/GNS3. Good for some people, not for me. I spend 10x more time actually studying the technology now then I ever did when I was running dynamips.
  • itdaddyitdaddy Senior Member Member Posts: 2,089 ■■■■□□□□□□

    yes I will nab the 3560 but I will ask you first if you need it just in case you already got it but I will be fast about it to you give me your email like
    mine is robert2 (at) itdaddy (dot) net.

    send me your email and i can email yu fast on if I find a 3560 with 24 ports 300 or under email me and I can keep your email as my contacts
    and when I see a 3560 I will email you fast ....

    dont want to commit to buyin if you already have one but will fire an email with the link to you so you can get it faster :)
    but will watch for you nite bud

    ah those were the days when the wifee would let me get my toys
    hahhahah;) she will thank you soon enough when you take her to the carribean on your honeymoon trip with all the big bucks as a CCIE
    hee hee
    so I will watch for you send me your email

    nite bud
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