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Has anyone used the test in the microsoft press book by measure up?

I am trying to get a feel of how the test is.


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    dprothdproth Member Posts: 5 ■□□□□□□□□□
    I just passed on Friday with a 883. I used exam cram and it must be out dated because the test included stuff that was not even covered in the book. I've been in IT for a while so I was able to power thur, but if your new to IT don't just use the exam cram book for this test. In the past I have found that the exam cram books are really good. The only problem with the book is that its just out of date for the WHOLE test.

    The tests in the Microsoft book are ok. There are two sets of tests. The easy test felt like the exam cram test questions and it worked the same way as the real test. But it did not cover all of the content that was on the real test. I didn't really go over the results of the harder test, because it seemed way harder then what the exam cram had. I'm not really sure if the harder test covers more topics or if it was just harder. The test it self was not as hard as the hard questions.

    I didn't really read the Microsoft press book because it is setup for someone with very little XP experience. I got bored really quickly.

    I'm going to try and find a better book for 70-272.
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