Which exam should I take?

Hello Everyone,

I've completed all of the MCSE exams except my elective and I am thinking of choosing something with Exchange. I don't have alot of experience with Microsoft Exchange and I feel this would be a good opporunity for me to learn it. I don't have any plans to make Exchange a career path, but its something I would like to get exposed to and have some sort of idea. So with that being said I was thinking about 70-236 – TS: Exchange Server 2007, Configuring to finish my MCSE 2003 with. Can anyone give me some advice if this is a good decision to get the basic concepts and get familiar with Exchange or can you recommend something else?



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    Sounds like a good move...

    There is the Exchange 2010 equivalent exam now (70-662) but it looks like that isn't an elective for MCSE2003.
    So if you just need that elective and want Exchange knowledge then the 70-236 would be good.

    E2K10 and E2K7 are quite similar; the new version has overhauled the way database fault tolerance is done (DAGs instead of CCR/SCC/LCR), and there is a new permissions model (RBAC) and some other stuff.
    I've just finished training for 70-236 but am catching up with the new features and will then be taking the 70-662 exam soon.

    You could start on 70-236 and if you decide later that you really like Exchange and want to know the latest then you could easily switch up to E2K10 and do a different MCSE elective instead.
    Just my thoughts...
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