70-662 Practice tests from Transcender

GrayhenTorGrayhenTor Member Posts: 43 ■■□□□□□□□□
In case anyone else out there is currently using these practice tests... just a heads-up of a few wrong answers within them.
They are ..... questions 2.4.1 , 5.1.6 and 6.2.4

Transcender will have them fixed/re-published in a few days, they say . Not sure if that means we download a new EXE or if the test engine does is it over the web...

Anyway, apart from these few errors (and it's only been out a few weeks so there's bound to be some) the Transcender for this exam seem to be very good....

Edit: Same goes for 2.2.1 , 2.3.5 , 5.5.1 and 7.4.1
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