CCNA Voice, WS-C3524-PWR-XL

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Hey everyone,

Slowly one pay check at a time building up a CCNA:Voice lab. In a perfect world it would all be something I can use later for the CCNP, but money's tight and that is down the road.

Other than inline power (I actually have inline power voip phones available to me!) what are some of the limitation I would run into with a WS-C3524-PWR-XL?


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    Unless the switch is really really really cheap, it still may be cheaper to just buy power bricks (the good ones, not the $5 or $6 imported ones that fall apart in a month or burst into flames).

    That said, sometimes it's worth almost any price to avoid the cable clutter and 10 power bricks (okay, now we're talking about me and my lab icon_lol.gif). Almost any Cisco phone that's useful in a voice lab supports PoE (or Cisco's version). I've got a couple 3524s with Inline Power supporting the voice part of my lab while my 3550-PWR hangs out on the R&S side of the home lab.
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    i like my 3550 since it comes along with 2 GBIC-based Gigabit Ethernet ports and runs EMI image as well to make it Layer 3 switch .. ... and of course, it supports inline feature as well .. its expensive but its worth it ..woked well for me during CCNP and now CCNA Voice & CCIE ... very good switch ..
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    I suppose my main concern is having all the IOS features including the QoS stuff which is supposed to be on there.
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    I used one for my CCNA-Voice (still in use for CCVP on my branch routers), the 3524-PWR lacks the Auto-QoS features, some of the PoE commands, and I was never able to get the access vlan working. I had to configure the ports as;
    int fa0/1
     switchport trunk encap dot1q
     switchport mode trunk
     switchport trunk native vlan 50
     switchport voice vlan 10

    instead of (as per the study guide);
    int fa0/1
     switchport mode access
     switchport access vlan 50
     switchport voice vlan 10

    but otherwise its a good entry level PoE switch.
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    Thanks everyone.
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