How to manage studies?!

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I am giving myself the deadline of end of summer to present MCSA with A+, Net+ as electives (coz i already have an idea) and 70 210, 70 215, 70 218, i really have to pass them, but i don't know if i have to study for each exam alone or study all together and present all at the end?
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    Taking all the exams at once is not a good idea, it's possible ofcourse, but it will only make it harder on yourself. If you really want to know the stuff, you won't mind reading over the some of the topics for 70-215 you had in 70-210 and 70-218 topics you had in 210 and 215.

    Good luck with your quest.
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    Shooting to get MCSA by the end of the summer is a little a bit of a rush. Unless you have a VERY VERY stong knowledge in computer hardware and networking it may take 4-5 months to get both those certifications. I was able to get my A+ after 3 months of studying and my Network+ 2 weeks after but I have a VERY strong background in networking which allowed me to speed through the preparation.

    Good Luck!
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    it is possible but you might get bored i meen realy bored at the end
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    i suggest you start with a+ first and play the rest by ear. you will obviously need to have a lab for mcsa exams, and the ability to upgrade 2nd user computers or build them, will help get the machines necessary for your microsoft exams.

    i understand that studying 210 and 215 together is a good idea, but i would not begin network+ study until the a+ is complete. you will get a "foundation course" in network+ by doing the networking objectives in a+ anyway ;)

    good luck.
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