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    It will depend on the college you'll be doing your Masters at. Since WGU is a pass/fail, your GPA at graduation will be a flat 3.0.

    WGU does keep a list of places their alumni have transferred to for Masters programs.
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    What online tools, libraries, and services are made available to WGU students and alumni? Is access to commercial services, such as Pluralsight, Grammarly, and Office 365, licensed to WGU students?
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    Just off the top of my head, some the resources you have access to:
    • Office 365 subscription
    • Pluralsight
    • Lynda.com
    • CBT Nuggets (some classes)
    • Boson labs and practice tests (some classes)
    • OnTheHub access to copies of Windows, VMWare, Norton, etc...
    Having a .edu email anywhere also gets you:
    • Jetbrains IDEs
    • Spotify Student
    • Amazon Prime student
    • Basically anything on /r/StudentResources
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    Looking at re-enrolling in April to begin my Masters in their Data Analytics program. Anyone have experience going through this degree and can shed some of the pros/cons?
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    As an alumni, there are various resources available if you are no longer a student.  They are listed here:

    For IT training, I use Skillport and Pluralsight.  You also get Lynda, but I don't use that.

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    Hi everyone, 

    I am looking to pursue Bachelor's in IT Management from WGU but not sure if this style of college is right for me.

    I work 40 hours, have a family (new born on the way too).  I know the whole premise is to cram as many classes in as you can during a term.  Is there a certain expectation the school wants for how many classes taken in a term? I am curious what the workload is like though and average length for a class.  Is it actually online classes with a lecture done by a teacher?  Are you just reading books and watching videos?  And then when you are comfortable with the content you try to test out of it?  

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