On question 31 of the Pratice Q, why is the ans. "chan

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31. You share a folder on your computer and you assigned the share permission Change to Everyone. John, a user from the Sales department, has been granted Full Control NTFS permission to the folder. John is also a member of the Sales group, which has been assigned Read NTFS permissions.
What are John's effective permissions when connecting to the shared folder?
a. Read
b. Read & Execute
c. Change
d. Full Control

Answer(s): c. Change

The effective NTFS permissions are the sum of the permissions assigned to user and to groups the user belongs to. (except for No Access which overrides any other permissions assigned.) When you combine NTFS and Share permissions the most restictive applies.

On question 31 why is it "changed" and not "read"???? I thought the most restrictive applied. Aint "read" more restrictive than "changed"
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