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Hi Everyone,

I am new to Juniper and have been looking at their fast track certification courses. I have been studying through them for a couple of days and have passed the Pre-assessment exam with 76%. I need some serious advice as to what to expect in the actual exam and how much studying do I need to do before doing the actual JNCIA-Junos exam.

I have been looking for books and there isnt really anything thats upto date. The materials that are offered on the website, are they sufficient to get you through the exams?

I am trying to find a company that will allow me remote lab time, any help on this will also be greatly appreciated.

Is the pre-assessment exam an accurate sample of the actual exam?

Can I do these exams without having a great deal of hands-on?




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    Did you watch the video before you took the pre-assessment exam? Passing score on the actual exam is 85% and you can expect anything in the workbook. It is the one that they use in the actual course so you can judge from there. Did you click on the extra tabs on the page where you downloaded the workbook? You need to do that and see if you want anything extra. I believe there are some labs. This exam is very new so don't expect to find any third party material.

    Can you pass with just what is offered, I would say yes unless you are brand new to networking. In that case either download or watch on-line their intro to networking video, it is quite good. You should be able to download the other videos also for offline viewing.

    While the pass mark for JNCIS-SEC is only 80%, the level of questions are at least one factor higher. At that point they expect you have done some real intense study. You are not going to knock either of these out in a week or two at the pass levels required. Especially since you barely made the pass score on the pre-test. Wish I could help more.

    You also may wish to look at the threads on Olives which are pc based and will help with a lot of the hands on. Remote labs are not cheap in the Juniper world.
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    Hi Saj,

    The JNCIA-JUNOS exam is based off the material from the following course:
    - Introduction to JUNOS Software
    - Routing Essentials
    - Troubleshooting JUNOS Platforms
    - Networking Fundamentals eLearning course

    The FastTrack provides you access to the current student and lab guides for those courses. Like TheShadow suggested, under JNCIA-JUNOS Study Resources, click on the Optional tab to get the lab diagrams and guides. At very least, reviewing the lab guide without access to equipment can help you understand how to enter commands on the router, how the routers react, and what commands you can use to verify the operation of the router.

    If you have not checked out the Network Fundamentals course, keep it mind. I haven't had a chance to review it, but I've heard very good things.

    All the material provided to you there is enough to pass the JNCIA-JUNOS exam. I did better on the real exam than on the assessment. Perhaps the real one was easier? Perhaps I cared more? Perhaps it's just the number game where missing a couple out of 85 hurts a lot less than a couple out of 20? Also, keep in mind that the pass on the JNCIA-JUNOS is 85%. At 76% on the assessment, you stand a good chance of passing, but you may want to consider putting in a little more study.

    It's up to you to decide if you're ready, but if you're feeling weak or uncertain on any topics, definitely take the time now to correct that.

    If this is your Intro to JUNOS, make it count and do it right. If you're next goal is the JNCIS-SEC, the topics, configuration, and complexity ramp up quickly. Make sure you give yourself a solid foundation to build on.
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    Thank you very much for your responses. I will take time to study hard before the exam and get some hands on experience as well. I will keep you posted with my progress.

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    Sitting JNCIA-JUNOS tomorrow... I can confirm that the 'Networking Fundamentals' eLearning course provided by the fasttrack portal would be a great introductory tool for beginners...

    Definitely wasn't a boring thing to sit through.... was actually a nice little refresher for myself as well...

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    nice to know that's a good entry level course.

    hope your exam goes well!
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    Hi zoidberg,
    I have one question, I have registered for JNCIA-JUNOS exam on 31st Jul 2010. do I need to complete pre-assessment exam ?
    please clear this doubt
    Thanks in Advance,

    Jigar Dave
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    Not Zoidberg but can answer in case he is busy.

    The pre-assessment exams were to gage seriousness. They gave 100% discounts and then settled on 50% discounts for the regular exams as rewards. It was originally to convert Cisco types. Considering your sig line you are one of their pointed candidates.

    However you do not need to pass the pre-assessments to schedule an exam. They can be used to see if you are ready for Juniper type exams since jumping over the fence in either direction takes just a little adjustment.

    Unless you or your employer have already paid for your exam you might want to check the site. If for no other reason than to download the videos and the free documentation unless you have done this already.

    Oh and welcome on first post.
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    yup, what TheShadow said. thanks :)

    it's just a self test, a practice exam. it has nothing to do with anything other than 1) giving you an idea of what to expect on jul 31 so you can see if you're ready, 2) a free, or discounted, exam voucher if you needed one.

    have fun and let us know how it goes!
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