Help with Ringing?

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I manged to get my phones working and I am able to call out, and inbound calls route to the proper phone (using a Magic Jack to one fxo port) so only 1 number in and out currently, multiple phones ring.


ephone 4
mac-address 000A.B714.4AC8
button 1f8 2:4

How do I configure the phones to stop ringing after like 3 or 4 rings? I do not have a voice mail system, and would like the calls to just drop for now? currently they just appear to ring and ring, I have to pickup the phone and hangup to end the call.

I am running CME 4.1 on a 2650XM with a NM-2V with a 2fxs and 2fxo (1 port currently used, looking to connect the 2port down the road)?

Any help would be appreciated...
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