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Hey folks.

Maybe I don't understand this correctly and i'm hoping that someone here can clear it up for me.

I had a route print image on a practice question and I thought I read it right but I got the answer wrong.

I've attached the image.

The question involved me needing to identify why host could not talk to machines outside of it's network segment.

I looked at the route print and chose the answer "The Default gateway has been incorrectly set". But the answer they were looking for is that "the default gateway is not configured".

So i'm confused here. Does having the loopback listed as the gateway mean that nothing is configured?


Thanks :)



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    You can tell that the default gateway is not configured because there is no entry for a Destination Network of with a mask of Gateway refers to the next hop for a particular subnet, a default gateway is the next hop for traffic which there is no other route.
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    I Think I understand now.

    The one i was looking at was the route for itself so it makes sense that the gateway would be the loopback right?
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    bumpity bump. . . I'd like to see an answer for this, too.
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