Release of the new CWSP exam

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    Anyone did this test ?

    I read half of the book by now and I don't Know if it's me but there is a lot of "deja vu" with others certifications that I did last year...but I don't want to be too much confident about this one and it's why i'm asking you to share your experience with this exam.

    Thank you
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    I take the CWSP next month.
    I take the CWNA next week.

    I have read the Sybex Official Study Guides for each cert and I am using the All-In-One CWNA/CWSP as a technical reference.
    The Official Guides are very good for teaching concepts but they are missing technical information that is in the All-In-One. I find that disappointing from an official study guide but they are still a solid education tool.

    I am also watching the OnlineExpert.com videos by Tom Carpenter which are very good. OnlineExpert.com
    Lastly I am using the GT Hill Study Guide. WiFi video lessons by GTHill | Home

    As for your comment about the CWSP certification being similar to other security certs, you are correct. You will find as you study for technical security certifications there will be a lot of overlap but it is how the technology is applied in each security domain that makes the certification different.
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