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iam going tobe taking the aplus hardware and software core exam and I just wamted to know if anyone out there can help me out?? would u have the test or answers, or any very helpful infor.. I'm stressing like hell over here..

my email is mrrayjr@yahoo.com

eric ray


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    mobri09mobri09 Users Awaiting Email Confirmation Posts: 723
    We have valuable technotes and practice exams on this site for A+ but we DO NOT provide any kind of unethical anwsers for exams or tests.
    Check out the A+ forum here to obtain feedback from what members encounter on the exam. Basically what they will tell you at the most is what the exam stressed and what you should lookover. To be 100% safe download the objectives from CompTIA's website. People might get by an exam using brain ****, but that doesn't take you far. These days you have to know your stuff to work in the business world. Good luck on your exam. :D
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