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I just failed my practical exam, but I get a resit on Wednesday.
Now I dont really know where I went wrong, but I think its something to do will classless stuff.

I subnetted, and I needed to split the address into 2 for each host network. So one host network gets bottom half and one host network gets top half.

Now, my e0 ip was, and one of my hosts was, and the other

I used igrp, and put in the network statements and

The second host "" worked, but the first didn't, no pings, and in the output of show ip route, only was showing up, under

Now, should I have only put in one network statement : And do I need to use the ip classless command? I was using a 1700 series router.

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    Just been playing around with some simulators, packet tracer 3 :S

    I believe the ip classless command was the thing that stuffed me. As the cisco book said that if you have classless enabled, it will route a subnetted packet to its closest supernet.
    So that means a subnetted would go to the supernet, so that means out the interface.

    Anybody know what the logging synchronus command does? I haven't seen it in the cisco book.
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