certified developer certification.

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Anyone have any experience or feedback about the macromedia dreamweaver mx 2004 developer certification. Im looking to do a cert. and saw this one and it looks interesting, but thats the advertising hype. Anyone out there done it or know of any other certs worth looking at.


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    I don't know what the value of a macromedia cert is for a HR dep, but personally I think you'd be better of buying practical books for dreamweaver that cover a particular topic, than to do it the macromedia way.

    The value will depend a lot on what kind of job you are applying for and the combination with other certifications and experience. For web sites/designs/applications, a detailed online portfolio with loads of examples showing off your abilities will be much more valuable.
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    Thanks for the feedback, much appreciated. I have plenty of experience on the hardware side of things, but I am just starting on the web developement and I want to start with a good foundation. I agree 100 percent with you that at the end of the day examples of your work will be the clincher. What I was thinking was to go it alone on the cert. study and get some certification. Problem is I dont know what sort of cert to go for and the macromedia seemed like a good start. As for its value I dont know that either, maybe someone with knowledge of the HR side of it could give me a pointer.
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