PKI concept trouble.

lineline Member Posts: 27 ■□□□□□□□□□
I've got the theory down pat, I don't question the veracity of the material, but I still don't quite grasp how it works.

PKI - User JohnDoe Public Key: A10 Private Key: A1010
User SmithySmith Public Key: A20 Private Key: A2020

According to most PKI conceptual material I've read, user JohnDoe would encrypt a message going to SmithySmith with SmithySmith's PUBLIC KEY. When SmithySmith receives this message, he will then DECRYPT it with his mathematically-similar Private Key.

How in the hell do you decrypt a message with a key it was not encrypted with. I understand it is mathematically similiar, but if the decryption algorithm compensated for this, then wouldnt the whole encyption process just be bunk, as the encyption scheme is known?


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