"number of hosts" confusion

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Trying to figure out where Im going wrong on this one is drving me insane. I need help. Question is:

Given the following example question

Question: What valid host range is the IP address a part of?
Answer: through to

On each of the 4 subnets, I believe we will have 16 hosts (14 useable).

Now where Im getting confused is the part of the answer. HOW this so, because in my mind we have only 14 usable hosts available on any of the subnets. I see the "254" as the host number, yet how would we have 254 hosts in this situation? Im OBVIOUSLY MISSING SOMETHING, I need to know what it is! Thank you.


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    There's only one subnet, and that's There are 4094 usable hosts in that subnet. I think you went in the wrong direction ( /28 ).
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