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Well, I passed CIPT2 today by the skin of my teeth. I was happy to pass, but I felt really dejected after leaving the testing facility. It was the most brutal of all of the tests that I have sat so far. I guessed on about 8 questions I would say. Immediately after the test, I cracked the CIPT2 Authorized Self Study Guide (had it with me in the car) and low and behold most of what stumped me was in the book - but you REALLY need to understand every minuscule detail. I got several questions on basically what was mentioned in a single sentence in the book.

Material that I used:

Implementing Cisco Unified Communications Manager, Part 2 (CIPT2) (Authorized Self-Study Guide) by Chris Olsen (Hardcover - Oct. 26, 2008 ) - Hands down the BEST resource for this test. I wish that I gave it AT LEAT one more pass (I read it twice).

CBT Nuggets CIPT Videos - Some are a little dated and there are a bunch of topics missing. Good resource for the relevant sections covered.

INE CCVP CoD - What's there is good. Right now the CCVP CoDs pretty much consist of just the overlapping material from the CCIE:V CoDs. I would say about 50% of the CIPT2 topics are missing - and they are pretty much the same ones missing from the CBT Nuggets. I'm hoping that it's still a work in progress. The CoDs were basically a "bonus" that came with the CCIE:Voice package that I purchased from them, so no real harm (I would have been pissed if I purchased the CCVP CoDs exclusively).

Cisco Press CIPT2 Quick Reference Sheets - Meh, thought that these were real light to put it nicely. I do think that the info on them helped me to directly answer a couple of questions, so I probably would have failed if I didn't memorize them!

Also did some labs from the CCBootcamp CCIE:V Advanced Technology Lab Guide, and setup just about every example in the Cisco Press book.

And to add insult to injury - The plan was to give everything a once over in the lab this weekend - We we're hit with 60-mph hurricane like winds and torrential downpours which knocked out power and trashed my UCM7 Publisher VM (I was using it when the power went out). I had to revert to a backup that was over a month old (I know, I know).

Off to drink heavily (need a brain enema). TUC studies can wait until the weekend :)


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    Congratulations!! icon_cheers.gif

    Sounds like you definitely can use a few drunken_smilie.gif
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    Thanks guys – I actually feel a little bit better now that the “how the F did I only score an 842 after studying my butt off for 4 months” feeling has worn off (plus some beer). I guess at the end of the day a pass is a pass is a pass.
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    Yeah you passed the hardest of the track in my view. Your on the home stretch now. I've seen guys in my last shop past TUC after a week of studying(they were a voip 2nd level support so only broken issues came) but they said it was still the easiest exam they ever took. So with all the knowledge you got I can see you running right through this one. Then maybe you can sale me some of your stuff cheap:D. due to the fact of me only having my CCM, CUPS and UCCX and some old routers at this point.
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    pitviper wrote: »
    at the end of the day a pass is a pass is a pass.

    Congrats buddy and dont beat yourself up over the score you said here a pass is a pass icon_smile.gif
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