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Obviously there is some overlap from the A+ tests to the Network+ test. I figured maybe I'll try Network+ after completing the A+ since I have all the network stuff fresh in my head.

Can anyone tell me, in there opinion, if one cert is harder to get than the other?

Any recommended text books out there?

I work with PC's day in and day out but usually stick to pretty standard network stuff. Would the Network+ require a lot of hands on/ on the job training to pass?


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    Sulblk27Sulblk27 Member Posts: 148
    I just passed the test yesterday, I have no hands on training...icon_sad.gif
    used the technotes special edition from this site and exam cram 2 (taking the on line test also)...T-Cat examinfo pdf (566 pgs.)I'm not the greatest student in the world, but with constant reading of the technotes/extra study material (in my case) I managed to pass the test.
    There were scenario questions, ports, OSI model, IPv4/6 (one or two), tracert , arp, and one or two other command lines, topology recognition/troubleshooting, don't forget to look at the apple portion of the technotes if you buy them (which I highly recommmend)....
    'bout all I can remember at this point...I guess what I'm saying is with a little effort and you have prior knowledge, you should do fine.
    Someone asked me when will my studying be over......
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