MCSE 2003 or MCITP

Yeah, I know its the age old question. :D

I passed 70-680 yesterday, which completes the MCSA 2003 track (270, 290, 291 and 680) for me. I now have the choice of continuing on and complete the MCSE 2003 track (293, 294 and 297/298 ), I even have the study material for 293 and 294. But at the same time, I have not worked as much with servers as I would haved liked, and therefore I don't have the material of 290 and 291 fresh in my mind anymore. I have been sadly working more on the client side. And I took those exams 2 years ago.

So taking 293 would prove an obstacle, as it overlaps a lot with 291. But I do have the exam cram I made for 290 and 291, so therefore I could spent some time doing lab excerices and get acquinted with that material again. But it might feel like I have to start over and learn the basics again, so I might as well jump to 640 and the MCITP:SA track instead.

And then take the 685+686 exams afterwards. And hope that I might get more server related tasks to make the material stick better, and perhaps go for the MCITP:EA cert. Of course there aren't that many companies over here who have migrated to Win2008, and Win2003 will probably stick around for quite some while. Therefore I'm quite undecided.

What do you guys recommend?
Current certs: MCP (210) MCSA (270, 290, 291 and 680) MCTS (680, 640)


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