Question 6 Display practice Exam.

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I am wondering about this question regarding Touch Screens. Today, we have technologies such as Surface Wave and Infrared Touch Screens that don't actually have/require a special coating on them.

Technically then, the 'best' answer should be that they would need 3rd party drivers to operate, which I know to be true.

My REAL question is this ..... from the latest Hardware Objectives downloaded from CompTia, it simply notes that you should have a knowledge of touch screens but it doesn't specifically state which technologies it deems as being 'current'.

Can anyone give me some insight on this?


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    Any A+ exam guide should supply enough information on touch screen technology that CompTIA will require for the exam.

    You will be testing on 2003 ojectives. I tested on the pevious objectives(2001 I think) and I don't recall any studies on touch screen technology. With that in mind, I would say that you should have a knowledge of all touch screens because they probably started up the new questions where they left off on the old ones. But, your questions should be limited to drivers, resolution, helpdesk/servicing scenarios.

    Hope this helps some.
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