CCNA Voice - Day 3

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Alright, it's been a week since I've taken a look at my Cisco lab, but with no drunken St. Patrick's day plans I had a couple hours.

1) I completed Section 3 of CBT Nuggets CCNA Voice
2) I completed Section 3 of CBT Nuggete CVOICE
3) Ran some IOS upgrades on my ancient Cisco 2924xm's.
4) Found up hyper term isn't in Windows 7, what's everyone else using?
5) Unpacked my IP phoens that just arrived in the mail. Getting late, Ill have to test tomorrow.
6) Ordered a 1760 with FXS ports
Started reading the next chapter in the certification guide but sorta spaced out on it. So i am gonna have to reread that.

Not the progress I would have liked to have made, but better than nothing.


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    azaghulazaghul Member Posts: 569 ■■■■□□□□□□

    The theory can get a bit tedious at times, but all still interesting.

    Yeah, although HyperTerm wasn't that great in the first place it was good to have something built in. I'm using mRemote, it's really Putty in a "tabbed" wrapper, and a free download. Theres also a discontinued app still available on the WinAgents site called RouterTweak.

    With the 1760, don't forget to get some DSPs.

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    mikem2temikem2te Member Posts: 407
    Yeah, there is a fair bit of theory but it is interesting. Saying that I knew all the theory anyway from my electronic engineering days.

    I use Putty and PuttyCM to enable tabs for router access. It supports telnet & shh.
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    Daniel333Daniel333 Member Posts: 2,077 ■■■■■■□□□□
    I've been using putty and connection manager for years and never noticed it had a serial option! Wow I am blind. haha
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