Just starting security classes. Advise please.

Hi, I'm just starting to take network security classes and I was wondering what certs should I go for first, second, third, etc.




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    That should probably depend on what kinda certs and experience you currently have...
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    That should probably depend on what kinda certs and experience you currently have...

    Well, I have no on-the-job experience but have one year left to get my AAS in Computer Networking. I've only been admining my home network for a couple of years. I'm working on my CCNA and MCSE which I plan to finish sometime next year. I will be taking my Network + exam next month and my A+ in the summer. I have been talking with my teacher and he told me that security was a good path to take. So, I kind of just want to know where do I get started. I know there is Security + but I'm not sure what is after that. Any information would be helpful.

    Thanks again! :D
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    Although Security+ is not a high-quality exam, it does provide a reasonable good overview of the basic topics, so I'd start with that one. (preferably after the others you mentioned: mcse ccna net+)

    SSCP, CISSP, and CEH are currently not an option for you as you will need experience to be allowed to take the exam (that doesn't mean you can't study for it, they provide a good outline of the important topics and concepts.)

    You could go for CCSA and CCSE (Checkpoint firewall) as it would match well with the MCSE and CCNA.

    You could also build upon the CCNA and go for CCSP (Cisco Certified Security Professional) or go for any of the specialization exams separately.

    I know little about it, but SCNP might be a good starter as well:

    Another alternative to start out with after MCSE is MCSE: Security.

    Apart from Sec+ I can't really tell you where to start. There are lots of different disciplines in security, so there isn't really a set path for a carreer in network and information security.

    Good luck with your decision!
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    After your A+ and Network+ get the Security+. Then have a look at the GIAC certifications (http://www.giac.org/subject_certs.php). The GSEC is a good one to go for.

    I'm currently going for the SCNP (http://www.securitycertified.net/SCNP_certifications.htm) because it's on the "hackish" side of information security.
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    Thank you all for the information. This helps alot!
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    I agree with Webmaster....After you get the general knowledge from the security+, I would move on to a vendor specific security course until you have the experience level to take some of the other exams....Good luck...

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