CCNA Voice: Day 4

Daniel333Daniel333 Member Posts: 2,077 ■■■■■■□□□□
Alright, so CBTnuggets CCNA:Voice and CVoice videos 4 are both done now.
Ran through chapter 8 in the lab guide and played around some more
Setup the physical phones, learned how to do a firmware reset, messed with the web gui
Played around with router DHCP setting some (did the lab guide and the ccnp lab guide on this while I was at it)
Got some good vlan troubleshooting experience thanks for an old vlan.dat file
Created hunt groups and messed with those (more to come it seems)
Found my second CME router just shipped (w007)
Also learned, no lights on the NICs of the phones, that is good info right there believe it or not

Finally, found out I have more cross over cables than I do regular. Know any good deals on a dozen or so short lengths?

Oh and does anyone know if you can use CallManager express and use a full version of unity with it? I understand I can get a VM of Unity, but not Unity Express, so this might be helpful.


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