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I took the Net+ test last week and failed. I did all the practice test and scored an average of 90% correct, read the book from cover to cover. What am i doing wrong? A little help please.Thanks



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    First off, sorry about your test score. Secondly, what book did you read? And what topics did you struggle with the most? Only you know what questions were difficult for you and that would be your indicator as to where your going wrong.

    Another thing is to not rely too much on your practice exam score. Although the test here is good, it is by no means going to be your indication as to how you will do on the test. You might test your knowledge to some other free test sites:

    To name a few. Hope you do better next time. Don't let it get you too much down.
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    The score report should tell you which topics you missed questions on.

    Also be sure to memorize this list (taken straight from the objectives)

    1. Establish the symptoms
    2. Identify the affected area
    3. Establish what has changed
    4. Select the most probable cause
    5. Implement a solution
    6. Test the result
    7. Recognize the potential effects of the solution
    8. Document the solution

    Net+ has a lot of questions that give some info and then ask what the next troubleshooting step should be. The trick with those questions is not to find which answer may narrow down the problem. There may be several answers that COULD work. You have to find where on the list that the scenario stops and pick the answer that matches the next step in the list.
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    Hey man cheer up. Sorry you didn't passed but don't let it make you down.
    The problem could maybe:

    -You didn't read the questions good
    -You used an outdated book
    -You got a blackout
    -You used **** ( I hope its not so )
    -You were to hasty to take a decission

    Hey man sorry again

    What study materials did you use??????
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    crespin wrote:
    I took the Net+ test last week and failed. I did all the practice test and scored an average of 90% correct, read the book from cover to cover. What am i doing wrong? A little help please.Thanks


    what did u score if u dont mind me asking/.?
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    if you didn't, try reading the technotes from this site...they are excellent and will help you pass the test. since you already took the test you know what is in store and this will help you next time...good luck
  • mobri09mobri09 Senior Member Users Awaiting Email Confirmation Posts: 723
    My Best friend just sat the Network+ exam the other day and failed it. He said there were plenty of troubleshooting scenerios. But then again he didn't study hard at all. Well goodluck next time!
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    I used the SYBEX Net+ study guide to prepare for the test. And thank you for all the advice.
  • cliffjag1987cliffjag1987 Senior Member Member Posts: 206
    wich Sybex Network Edition
  • GawdGawd Senior Member Member Posts: 132
    That sybex book sucks. Thats the book we use at my school. and about 3 or 4 people just in my class ( including me), have falied the net+ cert exam. I came here, read the technotes, retook the test and got a score of 793. After taking reading over the technotes on this site I could actually understand the questions instead of guessing on them all.

  • cliffjag1987cliffjag1987 Senior Member Member Posts: 206
    personaly i use sybex and i don't know if its good because i never read another book ,but you always have to have in mind that not every book is 100%. E.G.-->Sometimes michel myers passport is better than Sybex or vice versa or sometimes somebody understand sybex better than passport or vice versa. I think that has to be your pesonal opinion. Also some people say for Microsoft test i use Selftestsoftware and Measure up practice exams Or some other people say Transcender and preplogic practice exams are better. Thats why you have to do a research on the internet look for technotes and learn more about things you are very weak in. After you have read the book you can read a cram & after that make practice questions to test yourself in what objectives you are weak. ( Everybody has it own kind of studying ). icon_wink.gif
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    Just FYI

    I did not use Sybex on A+, Net+ or Sec+ but I used it on all other certs I have and they were good for those. They were thurough, well read, and well written. I do not say this to say they are good with Net+, I have no idea. I know they were pretty light on the Sec+ (I could have skimmed it in a few hours and nort learned anything). I just wanted to point out it is not a total reflection of all there books. There microsoft and Cisco stuff does well. (atleast the CCNA was good, I will let you know on the CCDA icon_lol.gif )

    If you do not feel like a newbie you probably should. :)
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    hmm.. btw, when I said the sybex book sucks, I meant the sybex Net+ book. I havent used any of there other books yet.

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    i am going to do my exam on monday
    so can u tell me about the questions
    and i am sorry for u
    hii alll
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