Deleting the default domain policy

dissolveddissolved Inactive Imported Users Posts: 228
Doing this in a test environment of course.
I wasnt using the DEFAULT DOMAIN POLICY so I deleted it. I was told that this was a bad idea because if I install exchange server down the road, it relies on the Default Domain Policy's presence.

Can someone verify this? Is it really bad to remove the Default Domain Policy? Everything seems to be working ok....



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    hhisgetthhisgett Member Posts: 181
    Yeah it not good to delete the DDP. Something about the policy GUIDs being referenced by active directory applications. The exact text escapes me at the moment. Also the EFS encryption key is set in the DDP as well, so anyone that had encrypted files on the server will not be able to un-encrypt them. I do remember a utility called "recreatedefpol.exe" that MS provides. A call to MS PSS has to be made to get it.
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