JunOS verion in book and lab?

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Can anyone please comment on what the JunOS version being used in the JNCIE-M lab is?

Also can you help identify the differences between the JunOS version that is discussed in the JNCIE book and the actual one in the lab?

So far, I see that “OSPF – stub route for loopback” is not supported in 8.5
NAT services are available in the later JunOS versions….

If you can share your finding, It will be very helpful!

Also, if you can convey the limitations of Olive as it pertains to the preparation of the JNCIE-M lab….that would also be very useful.


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  • hoogen82hoogen82 Member Posts: 272
    8.1 is the version.
    Not much difference.. Ideally try to get some practice with 8.1 version. There are some cli changes in l2vpn configuration

    Not sure about Olive..
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    BGP peers are quiet.
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    NAT services are not available with Olives, no service PIC in the olives.

    As far as limitations with Olives and what is found in the IE book I've noticed the following.

    Limited CoS with olives - this is because you can't put FXP interfaces under CoS. I've heard differently with the interfaces associated with virtualized olives. Never done one so I can't say for sure.

    Limited Multicast - You can do dense mode just fine but sparse mode is very limited since a tunnel PIC is required for your first hop and RP router. This is true unless your first hop is the RP.

    Interfaces - You'll won't be able to play with anything but FE type interfaces, not really a big deal IMO.

    L2vpn/L2 circuits - On hardware Olives you are not able to apply any physical encapsulation to an FXP interface. This means no L2vpn or L2circuits.

    Again this is only pertains to hardware olives. I have no experience with virtualized olives and I've heard that some of these limitations don't apply.
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