CCNA Voice - Day 6

Daniel333Daniel333 Member Posts: 2,077 ■■■■■■□□□□
Got a good deal of fun in today. Call park, button over lay FXO dial peers. Memorizing wildcards. Spent some time trying to generate bandwidth problems and also messed with debug and show commands a good precentage of the day. Added about 50 more flash cards of the trivial aspects of protocols and standards and tossed about 20 or so from the main deck. Had some trouble with my FXS card I ordered so now I am playing a game or two to get one.

Watched a couple cvoice videos from cbtnuggets.

Also worked through a large portion of the lab guide. I dont have my notes in front of me at the moment but I would say almost half way though.

Really wondering if I am making the right move with my play to get all the associate level CCNA certs. I am wondering if this effort would be better spend on the CCNP. But I think I just don't have enough experience points in networking to really dive in. Hopefully when I am done with CCNA Voice and CCNA Wireless (and CCDA?) I should be ready to tackle the CCNP again.
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